About Me

I am currently in my final semester as a Masters student at Northeastern Illinois University, where I am studying to recieve a masters degree in computer science. More specifically, I have been focusing on software development and web design.

Ever since I was young, probably around ten or eleven, I wanted to design houses and be an architect. I began to realize this dream when I was accepted to Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL, where I would spend the next five years learning the skills necessary to be a successful architect. I finally graduated IIT in May, 2010 with a Bachelor of Architecture.

Upon graduating, I spent the following two years looking for full-time work in my new field. I took a few part-time jobs along the way, but due to the poor economy, nothing full-time made it may way. That is when I decided to switch gears and go back to school for a Masters in Computer Science.

Going back to school wasn't easy, but it has definitely been worthwhile. I love computer programming, and continue to learn new skills each and every day. Since starting my degree, I have become proficient with Java, HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript, PHP and mySQL(i). With these newfound skills and a love for my new career choice, I am striving to find a job where I can utilize these skills and improve them in a real-world scenario, both to my benefit and to the benefit of the company where I am emlpoyed.

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NEIU Computer Science Programs

univerCITY Portal 1.0

This was a group project for Software Engineering for which I was the project team leader. The goal of the project was to create a student management system that could be utilized by any college or university. There were many aspects to the possible system, but our group was only required to develop the following: Login, course registration and managment, and a "leads capture" module. The system was created with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, and mySQLi.

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A Healthy Choice

This was a research project for which I was the graduate assistant and lead programmer. The goal was to create a chat interface where participants and a "wizard" would chat about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Specifically, the goal was for the wizard to persuade the many participants to take an interest in Tai Chi and possibly take some classes. The interface utilized HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, and mySQL.

Blackjack Online

This is a single player game version of Blackjack developed in HTML using Javascript, jQuery and PHP. In this version of the game, the rules are very basic. A player may only hit, stand or raise their bet. The player wins if the computer busts or if s/he lays down a more valuable hand than the computer.

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America's Most Wanted

The goal of this project was to write a program for a police department that has collected a database of information on various suspects for a given crime. (This program assumes that the department is only solving one crime at a time.) Each suspect has a set of attributes, such as shifty eyes, a limp or a parrot on his/her shoulder. The maximum number of attributes for any given suspect is not known. The program accepts commands to manipulate the database in order to narrow down the list of suspects, in the hope of pinpointing the villain.

NEIU Computer Science Masters Project


Modular Housing

The program for this project was to design 2 affordable modular housing prototypes that could be built in a factory by High Tech Housing in Bristol, IN and placed into a row house configuration on a given site in Chicago, IL. Modules were allowed to be either 12ft., 14ft., or 16ft. wide, and up to 3 stories tall. In order to maximize affordability, certain restrictions were imposed; such as flat roofs, maximum 4ft. exposed side walls, and cantilevers no more than 4ft. Each prototype was to be designed for a family of 4. The goal for the project was to fill all the vacant lots on a given Chicago street with configurations of these two prototypes My solution was based on trying to bring in as much light and natural ventilation as possible into these long and narrow houses, while at the same time trying to give the houses as open and large of a feeling as possible. The 2 prototype sizes I chose to work with were a 12ft. wide prototype and a 16ft. wide prototype, each with 3 floors.

Place de la Bastille

This was a competition to revitalize Place de la Bastille in Paris, France. My solution called for extending the "green axis" that is present on both sides of the site and having it penetrate through the site itself. The programatic elements would be visible and/or accessible through cuts made into the site. The site slopes down from the canal-side and bottoms out at the speaker's platform, with a backdrop of the Column de Julliette. This allows for people to relax anywhere on the site, as well as enabling a good view of the speaker/performance. The entrance for the metro line is a cut through the middle of the site that follows the canal beneath. The station itself can be identified from above by the opaque glass which sits above the tracks. The meeting points of the tunnels connecting all 3 lines is visible from above by a glass box that mirrors the meeting point below. The restaurant is a glass structure cut out of the canal side of the site and allows patrons to have a relaxing meal while overlooking the canal. Access to the restaurant is from top of the site along the canal, and from the canal-walk below. There is also a cafe above the restaurant at the level of the #1 line platform for people to access while waiting for their train to arrive.

Montessori School

A Chicago Montessori school was looking for a new building to accomodate 200 students in Wicker Park. There needed to be 8 classrooms; 3 classrooms each were required for ages 3-6 and 7-9, and 2 rooms for ages 10-12; labs, a multi purpose space, library, kitchen, storage, offices, and a rooftop playground. Also required was a street level retail space. I proposed a building that focused on the overall comfort of the children within the space, as well as the ability of the children to interact with one another. The multi purpose space is on the top floor, and opens out to the playground. Classrooms and administration are distributed between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. All levels of the school are connected with a large atrium in the center of the building and a continuous ramp/ stair that leads up to the playground. Labs and the library are in the form of shelves throughout the circulation space, so each child is in close proximity to the materials that they may need. Also, each classroom has its own outdoor space. The school is clad with precast concrete panels and glass. The retail space below is a bookstore, and is clad with glass and set back a few feet from the upper facade, giving the space its own identity, as well as giving a sense that the school above is "floating".

Illuminati Coffee Table

Kitchen Rehab #1

Kitchen Rehab #2